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V at VAITARNA inspire & draw positive minds to join hands with us to "MARCH TOWARDS Victory"

Associate :
If you are a curious customer looking for gaining knowledge and awareness regarding the various craft products you are buying day in and day out. VAITARNA organizes weekly events for associate members.

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC):
is an initiative of VAITARNA, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs makes educated decisions about starting and growing their businesses. The Centre aims to promote economy, through the development of handcrafted products and traditional skills & services that encourage entrepreneurship and support business growth.

The Centre is supported with dedicated professionals from academia & industry, who provide advice and counsel to entrepreneurs on a variety of levels. As well, the Centre provides links to other business organizations, seminars and entrepreneurial events, and many other tools and resources to assist the budding entrepreneurs. If you are a trader and wish to participate in exhibitions then this membership is for you.

If you are a resource person and you wish to become a faculty / consultant with VAITARNA then you should take this membership. This will entitle you to conduct the training programmes.

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to get into marketing of handcrafted products then you may become a franchisee member with VAITARNA. This membership will provide you with any products you wish to source from any part of the country.

Any Member who wishes to take up the cause of VAITARNA can contribute towards establishing this as a non-profit organization.

  INR $ US
Associate 5,000 1,000
EDC 10,000 2,000
Promoter 20,000 5,000
Franchisee 2,00,000 10,000
Founder 10,00,000 20,000