V at VAITARNA teach how to buy handcrafted products by Creating Awareness

V at VAITARNA teach people how to sell handcrafted products by Developing Entrepreneurship

V at VAITARNA also teach how to make products by Training various Skills

Is there a place for crafts in the modern world?

The efforts of numerous governmental and voluntary agencies has given recognition to the beauty and utility of Indian hand-crafted products.

While the customer is looking for some assurance on Quality and Reliability in pricing.

We are engaged in promoting Handcrafted Traditional Indian Products through Income Generation, Vocational Skill Training and Entrepreneurship Development.

VAITARNA aims to be a comprehensive marketing, trading and information disseminating organization involved in creating awareness as well as appreciation of the crafts through much needed training.

VAITARNA targets to work with those producers who have either skills or potential of developing skills and will bring them into mainstream markets. The purpose is to do what is not being done or if it is done the holistic approach is missing.

VAITARNA will inspire more and more individuals and organizations to join us in something that goes beyond being just a fruitful business enterprise and then we would have taken that
"stitch in time…"